RealtorsAt Edward Powell Pump and Well Drilling, Inc., a healthy portion of our growth has been through our partnership with realtors. Experience is critical in our industry. Our knowledge of water wells, pumps and filtration systems allows us to deliver balanced inspections of wells, pumps, tanks and water conditioners every time we step on a property. Our continued dedication to precision and service has helped many realtors navigate through negotiations.

Why Partner with Powell?

There are hundreds of qualified and reliable home inspectors around suburban Philadelphia and Wilmington and only a fraction of them have the depth of knowledge to accurately inspect or diagnose problems related to wells, pumps, tanks and water conditioners. Failure to properly assess the health of these systems can result in significant repair or replacement costs for your client!

What can you and your client expect from our team?

  • Comprehensive Testing for Water Contamination
  • Trusted Well System Inspection
  • Flow & Yield Testing
  • Fair Estimates for Repairs
  • Prompt and Courteous Communication
  • Over the Phone Consultation
  • After Hours and Weekend Availability