David PowellA Note from our President…

As the president of Edward Powell Pump and Well Drilling, Inc., I want you to know that I understand the concerns you have about hiring a company to drill your well.

Will we hit water? How deep will we have to drill? How much will it cost? Are there hidden costs? Will the water be clean? How long will it take? When can you get started? And the list goes on…

I will take the time to explain the whole process to you, take care of the permits, determine the best location to drill, give you a detailed estimate of costs involved, take great care constructing the well, installing the pumping system, sampling the water and even correcting any water quality issues (if any). I will be involved from start to finish. I am about quality control. My highly trained crew will do the job right “top to bottom”. I guarantee it!

When it is all said and done, you will be so glad you chose us to satisfy your need for clean, fresh well water.

David Powell

Why choose us to drill your well?

There are several reasons why you can be confident that the construction of your well will be done correctly when you choose our company to drill your well:

1. Trust through integrity

We are people of our word – no hidden costs, accurate drilling logs, honest hard work ethic, Christian values.

2. Competence through Applied Knowledge = Experience

We have drilled thousands of wells over the past few decades – nearly every one of them is still producing water for our customer’s daily needs. Knowing the geographic area is extremely important to ward off construction problems while drilling. We know this region’s geographic patterns. Decades of drilling wells in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and New Castle County have yielded a wealth of knowledge that puts us in a position to deliver tomorrow’s project the right way the first time.

As a testament to our expertise, drilling manufacturers have come to us to experiment with their new designs to get our opinions and recommendations. They trust our feedback to fine tune their equipment. In addition to manufacturers, regulatory agencies come to us when they need to train their inspectors; they know that they will see how a well is constructed correctly.

3. Backed by Licensing and Certification

We are licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware. We are also a National Groundwater Association Certified Well Driller and Pump Installer. Not many of our competitors are certified by the NGWA because of the time commitment to pass the exams and to obtain the continuing educational requirements necessary to stay certified. We are committed to staying on top of the newest and latest advancements in the industry.

David Powell, the president of the company, is very active in the Pennsylvania Groundwater Association and is currently on its Board of Directors. He is committed to being highly educated and experienced to ensure our customers that they are receiving the best workmanship possible.

4. Enabled by high tech equipment

We use state of the art drilling and support equipment which helps us ensure proper well construction. Having the right tools for a specific task is crucial to getting the job done right. We are experienced in air rotary with downhole hammers to drill through hard rock efficiently, mud rotary drilling for very soft overburden areas, and stiff foam drilling for in between geological formations. We have the equipment to handle most any situation.

To speak with a member of our team today about well drilling, call 610-459-1098!