Other Water ServicesWater Testing

Although most well water is naturally microbiologically safe, some wells test positive for bacteria. Most of the time, the source of the contamination is from above ground. If the well does not have a sanitary bug proof cap, insects can enter the well head and cause a positive bacteria count. Health departments recommend having your water tested annually. All of our technicians have been trained to sample water for the certified labs in our area. If you live in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County or New Castle County north of the canal, call us today to make an appointment regarding the health of your water and your family.

Shock Chlorination

Should your well test positive for bacteria, shock chlorinating usually destroys the source. We have developed a thorough procedure to ensure the chlorination process is completed most effectively. We can either shock the well for you or you can contact us for a copy of our easy to follow instructions.

If chlorination fails, an ultraviolet light system is a guaranteed long term cure. Learn more about UV!

Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreements

Just like your heating/cooling systems, your well system should be serviced to ensure proper operation and bacteria sample drawn for safety asssurance. Preventative maintenance always saves you money by correcting small issues before they grow into costly emergencies. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will inspect the key components, correct basic problems, make adjustments, replace minor parts, site test your water for mineral content, and sample the water for bacteria to ensure that your water is microbiologically safe.

Our maintenance agreement also guarantees priority emergency service 7 days per week and provides you with a discount on other services

Well Inspections for Buying and Selling a Home

Bottom line for sellers – A well system inspection benefits you by:

  1. Increasing the value of your home above the cost of the repairs (if any are needed).
  2. Preventing last minute contract breakers or hang ups before settlement
  3. Making sure your home is more attractive to prospective buyers — so it should sell quicker than homes without inspections.

Bottom line for buyers – A well system inspection benefits you by:

  1. Protecting you from possible costly repairs after you move into your new home.
  2. Giving you confidence that the well system is functioning properly.
  3. Giving you confidence that the well produces enough water for your family’s needs — if you order a flow/yield test.
  4. Assuring you that your water is high quality and safe.

We perform a very thorough and fair inspection. That is why many real estate agents recommend our services. Contact us for pricing and scheduling

Down Well Camera Investigation Service

When drilling a well, drilling contractors are basically working blind. We must use our experience, knowledge of the local geology, and analysis of the rock shavings to guide us as we construct a well.

Edward Powell Pump and Well Drilling, Inc. has invested in a new tool called the downhole camera. If a construction problem arises due to the geology, we can send the camera down and actually see how to correct the problem. We will know what technology, materials, and tools to use to fix it right. The result is a properly constructed well and money savings.

We have been able to save some customers a lot of money by repairing their existing well instead of abandoning it to drill a new one. These savings would not have been possible without the camera.